This is ServiceXp Pro's farewell 



Dear Customers:


Well after 20 years of development, it's time to close the final chapter in the saga known as ServiceXp Pro (SXP). After much thought and prayer I have decided now's the time to shut down future development. SXP was built on the now aging MS Access database engine, and while running OK on Windows 10 OS, the time of failure is fast closing on the core technology SXP is based on.  I don’t have the energy or time to rewrite the program in a modern language.

As of 10/1/2018 no new product or support licenses will be issued or extended.  As of 12/31/2018 all product support will end (for those with basic 30 day licenses). Those who have Active yearly support plans; support will end on the day of expiry.

It's been a fantastic experience, one in which I will be forever indebted to those who put their trust in ServiceXp Pro (and me) throughout the years.

Farewell and thank you my friends.