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In 1998, while working for my father we decided that we needed to automate the company with “computer power”.  At the time we were servicing HVAC/R, Appliance & Home Spa equipment, so we began our journey looking for the right program to handle a tri service industry company. We evaluated many programs; the ones that almost fit our needs were simply out of our budget, averaging 8-15K and higher.  

With a small background in programming and a rich history in the service industry we started down the path to producing a software package that would meet our present and future needs. 



When the core program was completed in 2001, we liked the end result so much that we offered it to the public for free (donation were requested).  After 3,152 downloads and 921 registered users the need for support and enhancements out weighed the donation funds being received. It was at this point (Version 1.78) we decided to start charging for the program.


Dollar-for-dollar you will not find a better service program on the market today.








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