New & Improved Features (build 7.73)

Added more search functions ?Actual Qty Greater Than? ,? Actual Qty Less Than? ?Actual Qty Equal To? to Physical Inventory System.

Added new functions to the Physical Inventory System, allowing you to Edit Part, view Receive History, View Trans. History.

In conjunction with the Historic Reviews, you can now make quick work of pulling a slow or non-moving part from a truck (or any location) during a Physical Inventory.

So with one click you can transfer the existing stock qty. from the Physical Inventory location back into your Main location, mark that locations Stock Status to ?Non-Stocked?, record the above action (printed on the Physical Inventory Adjustment Report), and delete the item from the Physical Inventory work system.


New & Improved Features (build 7.72)

Added the ability to import flat rate (also called Kits, Work Codes) into ServiceXP from a tab delimited text file. This includes flat rate items from the ?MASPG? (Appliance Blue Book)

Added the search functions, ?Restock Status? , ?Items In-Stock? ,?Qty Greater Than? ,?Qty Less Than? ?Qty Equal To? both the Inventory Navigator & Physical Inventory System.

That brings the search capabilities to almost 20 different criteria selections. So no matter how massive your inventory is, you should be able to find what your looking for in seconds. This will also allow you to drill down to only the dataset you want to use for Physical Inventory work, allowing you to complete the mundane job much faster.


New & Improved Features (build 7.71)

More improvements related to the Physical Inventory system. Improved logic for recording the discrepancies between on hand quantity and actually quantity.

When generating a Physical Inventory work file, system now carries over pricing and inventory class information.

System now checks and warns about any items that have not been checked ?Updated?

Added a report for the physical Inventory changes that where encountered during the process. This report is found under “Inv Worksheet” Button. When the report is first run, you are prompted to enter a Location ID (the name of the inventory location you want to view). This search is wildcard based, so if you want to view all the location names that start with “T” simply type “T”. :-)


New & Improved Features (build 7.70)

Added a new filtering system for the physical inventory worksheet. We are now passing the search filter from the physical inventory window to the printed report worksheet.

Added “Contact Phone” and “Notes” fields to the Contract Maintenance Task Manager. Also added search functions for both.

Revamped the Flat Rate System. Previously the kit details where bound by what items you actually had in you main inventory. Now you have complete freedom to create your kit details.

Bug Smash

Corrected a bug that would propagate a deleted item from the “Physical Inventory” system to the main inventory system.

If you are wondering, the Physical Inventory system is used when a company performs an “Physical Inventory Count”, allows for much quicker main inventory updates.