New & Improved Features (build 7.76b)

Change some of the “Add Repair Detail” system logic as it pertains to Service / Maintenance contracts. Previously the system would only recognize Maintenance type work orders. Now the logic looks at both the work order type and the Contract Number, if so selected.

So now no matter what the service type, you can apply worked performed records to a contract for.

New & Improved Features (build 7.76)

Created a color indicator for tab controls. Making it much easier to see what tab has the focus.

Added a serialized check box option when entering new parts into the system form a shipment.

Working out the next Inventory Purge option. Proving to be a bit harder then originally anticipated. I have now decided to put that on the back burner for now, and concentrate on the Electronic Warranty Claims System. ?EWCS?

Bug Smash

Found a bug with the new Physical Inventory Item logic. When opening up to edit an inventory item, if the stock status was set to Non-Stock, and the Physical Inventory Item was checked ?Part of Physical Inventory?? the system would erroneously reset the Stock Status to Stocked. — Fixed.

Other much smaller bugs fixes..

New & Improved Features (build 7.75)

Was able to get a good bit done since the last post, I think I’m going to set my focus back to the ever needed help file..

You can now change the vendor on your PO for an active Parts Order. You can do this via the orders review window. Very useful in the event you make an error when placing the order. :-)

Created a “Safety Net” for protecting against receiving a part as zero costs. Now ServiceXP warns you if there are any received parts that are left at $0.00 ‘Actual Cost’.

Added an inventory “Purge” system. At this point it’s just used to do some basic house cleaning, deleting inventory items from locations, other then main, that have a 0 quantity and are set as “Non-Stock”.

Reconfigured Inventory Control System to now only handle items that are part of the “Physical Inventory”. On the edit screen you will now see a new check box (Part of Physical Inventory?), if this is NOT checked the ICS will ignore this item as it pertains to handling ordering and quantities.

Added a “double click” edit method to the Inventory Navigator. Now when you double click on the Item ID, the edit window will now open for the selected location. I’m thinking in the future, using a right click menu selection to perform various tasks.

Added a new Inventory Movement report, that is date range specific. You will find this button on the ?Maintenance? tab on the Inventory Navigator. The date format is 10/10/05, and if you only want to capture 1 day, input the same date in both date boxes.

Hooked the X-Ref system into Work Codes – Kits Details. Now when you are building your Kits, you will have the X-Ref system warn and display any superseded parts for the part number entered.


Bug Smash

Fixed a bug where if you delete the last estimate from the Estimate Generator, the key would also be deleted, not allowing you to start a new estimate without closing the window and opening it again.

Also corrected a picture linking problem; when attempting to link a picture for previous jobs to be added to the proposal, the dialog box would not open at all. Works as expected now.

Other minor bugs fixed…

New & Improved Features (build 7.74)

In the customer contact recording system, the ?View Part(s) Status? window now has an added tab to view the repairs detail frame. With this view you can quickly view what part are currently assigned to the repair.

In addition, resized the entire window for easier view of repair tickets that have hundreds of parts listed on them.

Enhanced the Physical Results Report. The report now shows all the totals separately. Allowing you to view total overages and shortages. This is helpful as high amount of overages indicated organization problems, and shortage indicated? well a different potential problem.

Added more Quick Help topics.

Added a service call check to the MS MapPoint generator. If ServiceXP detects that you are trying to send more then 15 service calls at once, the system warns you of the time that it may take to perform the results.

New faster on-the-fly process for adding new Inventory Class? for Inventory Items.