New & Improved Features (build 7.79)

Re-wrote much of the code that is used to communicate with QuickBooks, to make it compatible with version 2006 of QuickBooks. While I was at it, I added a bunch of new features as it relates to Sales Receipts, Invoices & Payments.

ServiceXP now attempts to determine what kind of communication you want to do automatically. There is now intuitive logic that will first search for an Invoice, and if one is found make the appropriate updates, if not will automatically create one. If an Advanced payment is being made in ServiceXP, we will now apply the same logic and apply the amount to the invoice it found or just created.

Credit Card information is now communicated to QuickBooks for processing through QuickBooks Merchant Services. Also added a memo field in ServiceXP to pass to QuickBooks Payments, Sales Receipts & Invoices.

Created an indicator to let the user know if the selected work order has notes added. (The letters on Contact Customer button turns red.)

Change the logic code for the Transfer Detail system for the Request Navigator. The system guards against transferring an item to the same location as is needed. Also made changes to the Transfer Report Navigator (found on the Request Navigator), to load all “Non-Printed” items rather then just the days transfers.

Added a LAN communication system through port 9999 on the LAN subnet. At this point, it?s only applies to the Administration System, which is pretty well hidden. (ctrl + A), You can now shut a copy ServiceXP down that located on another workstation. Pretty basic I know, however my plan is to expand this system to a full private & protected instant messaging system and with full remote data communications.

If you don?t want to use it, simply block port 9999 on your intranet. As a matter of fact, when you start build 7.79 for the first time on a WindowXP SP2 workstation that has the windows firewall on it?s going to ask you what you want to do regarding the LAN communications on that port.

Set a button on the Add Repair Detail window for any Estimates that were created on that work order. If the system finds one the button is visible, else it?s hidden.

Changed some of the logic as it pertains to an Estimate Only work order. The system use to force you to make a choice as to what should or should not be on a completed Estimate only ticket. Now it?s gives you complete control to do whatever you want.

More work on the EWC system was done, and is now functional. NOTE: this feature is still in beta, and should NOT be used to build the export for warranty processor consumption. You are free to try it out and take if for a test drive, just don?t submit the file. As a matter of fact I KNOW I have issues to deal with regarding the structure and format of the export file. I?m waiting on ServiceBench to get back with me regarding those issues.

Improved the log-in log-out system. This is hidden user tracking system within ServiceXP.