News V3 (beta)

I made the decision to completely re-design the internal & external report engines, the redesign is progressing smoothly. ServiceXP V3 will end up with a completely new report engine, which should make setting up reports that print externally of ServiceXP MUCH easier then in any previous version.

With the new external report engine, you will also be able to open up a report in the all new Report Designer to make changes to the field layout inside of ServiceXP V3.

For those who use more then one data file, you will no longer have to follow the long cumbersome process of reconnecting the reports file to the new data. ServiceXP V3 will now handle all of that for you, without any user intervention.

The internal report engine will be all new also, allowing you to choose many of the report settings internally.

I have converted about 25 external reports so far to the new Visual Reports system. I?m also creating a few new reports while I am at it.

I expect Beta 1 of V3 to be released mid February to early March. As a matter of fact, if things continue to go as well as they have been, it may even be sooner.

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New & Improved Features (build 7.80)

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a great start to the New Year. Among the bustle of the season, I managed to find some time to work on ServiceXP.

Added the date call was received field in the Add Warranty Detail (AWD) system. The field was always there, but was not displayed, as it should have been.

Completed initial testing of the EWC system with ServiceBench for the Asko Corporation. For those performing warranty work for Asko, you can now upload the EWC file through ServiceBench and all should work.

In preparation for the EWC system, you will notice a few extra fields and options. Some of those changes are in the Vendor Nav. and some are in the AWD system. The new functions in the Vendor Nav. are found through 2 new command buttons.

(Vendor Nav)

The first is the ?Warranty Repair Codes? Button:
This allows you to enter the EWC submission Codes of ?Position Code?, ?Cause Code?, ?Repair Code? and ?Measure Code?. There is a notes field for each code field. The information entered here will be included in the corresponding AWD code fields.

The second is the ?MFG PD Acct. Numbers? Button:
This allows you to enter the part distributors account numbers for that warranty provider. Since there is a many to many relationship between the parts depot and warranty providers, it is necessary to enter the PD assigned account number for each PD that you seek parts reimbursement from.

(Add Warranty Detail ?AWD?)

The first sets of new fields are the ?EWC Codes?:
These 4 fields are required for EWC file generation. You can choose the appropriate codes for the repair from the previously entered codes or enter in the codes manually.

The second is the Repair Category Code:
This field is also required for EWC file generation.

The third is the PD Account, found in the item details section of the AWD.
For each ?Part? that you seek credit or reimbursement on, you will need to select the correct account number from the previously entered account information or manually entered.

Added a system to automatically increase or decrease Flat Rate (Kits) pricing.
You will find a new tab call Update Pricing next to Work Details. On this tab you will find various options. In using this system, make sure you first filter down to the group of Kit Codes that you want to change the pricing on, or else the system will update all kits. You can increase or decrease the filtered kits by flat fee or percent.

Added a ?Master Serializer? system to the Add Repair Detail (ARD) system. This is used for computer repair companies that build their own custom machines. The system will track and create serial number for newly build machines. There has always been a serial field for each line item in the ARD Item Details (for entry of the component manufacture serial number), but now ServiceXP will handle all of your custom build equipment master serial needs.

In addition to the ability to shut a copy of ServiceXP down from another machine that is located on the local network, there is now an integrated company wide Instant Messaging system (Network Messenger). You can now broadcast an IM to all logged on users or to a single user.

Added a quick link to customers detailed work order information from the Customers, New Service Order, and Customers Equipment screens. After you have loaded a customer, you will see a field called RN, simply enter one of the repair numbers located in the customer history synopsis, hit the enter key.

Added a new user defined drop down list for Item Locations and Pickup Locations. This should make for a much more consistent (easier) data typing. You can double click on the field(s) to add new entries to the definition list or you can add them through program settings.

Planning on making some big decisions soon on how ServiceXP handles it?s external reporting. The current system works very well, but is quite cumbersome to set up and get working. If decided, the improvements would require massive code changes and possibly an upgrade to ServiceXP data engine. All this work will make customizing external reports MUCH easier for the end user. The customer reports that I?m talking about are Service Tickets, Invoices, Part Labels, and about 10 other such print outs.

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