Version 3 (RC 1)

Version 3 Build 1 is done,. I?m in the initial testing phase right now, working out any bugs found.

The new report engines are very powerful, and allow for much greater flexibility. There have been a number of other changes also.

1. Completely new recall tracking system. Allows for total control of who gets assigned the recall. You can even assign the recall to multiple techs.

2. New, faster running database.

3. The old SXPMAINT program is gone. You can now backup and compact your database from within ServiceXp V3.

4. The SXP Reporter has been updated.

5. Can make report formatting changes right within ServiceXp V3.

6. With the new external report engine, you have the option to print just about any possible field data you can think of. For the most part if ServiceXp handles the data you can add it to the specific report.

7. New Services Delete Sentry. When cancelling a work order, ServiceXp V3 now prompts you for the reason you are deleting said Services.

8. New Inventory Movement Report System. The new system is much easer to use.

9. Reformatted the Inventory Usage History window, allowing for greater view of data.

10. Schedule Navigator has been greatly enhanced, with new tracking features.

11. AP Bill Pay system has been improved.

12. Tool bar and menu layout has changed to a more organized and intuitive layout.

And many other changes..

In order for you to take advantage of V3, I need to make changes to your database file manually. I tried to avoid this but in the end, I just decided that it would take to much time to write the code to do it automatically.

When you are ready to upgrade, send me an email, with a date and time (Should only take me about 5 minutes to make the changes, and another 5 to test.) and I will send you a secure link for you to upload you database file, when I?m done I will e-mail you back and where you can download your database file.

DO NOT upgrade your systems until your database file has been converted..

Once the dust settles down from the introduction of V3, I have yet another big change coming, one I think you will like?.

Until next time??