Version 3 (RC 2)

It’s been awhile since my last post, and a lot has happened since then. I have been working on resolving the bugs in Version 3 RC 1. Along with bug fixes, I have been able to add quite a bit of new and improved functionality.

Printing Bugs:
Optimized the code for the new report engine, helped increase its speed, resolved the issue of failed printing to some color network printers, added a progress icon when printing, redesigned the external Flat Rate report.

Functional Bugs:
1. Fixed problem where on some systems the backup and compaction system would fail to start.
2. Fixed some permission problems when linking to a different database.
3. Fixed SMS Repair E-Mail system where logon would fail.
4 .Fixed Import system error where on some systems during an update of Flat Rate or Inventory items; the system would appear to lockup.
5. Under Customers Equipment, the active check box would lock and not allow the user to update the equipments status, now fixed.
6. System would not update the recall entry for a given active service with the completion techs name, now fixed.
7. When linking a service to a contract (under the Services Navigator ?Other? tab) the system would not link the service correctly and thus when completing out the ticket, the task reminder would not get updated, now fixed.
8. When using the calendar in the Schedule Navigator, when a user would select the last day of the month and click on the following month that did not have that date (such as in March 31 and April not having 31 days) the system would skip to the first month that contained the selected date (in the example above May). This is now fixed, and will move to the 1st date of the correctly selected month.
9. Numerous other bug fixes.

1. Revamped the Inventory Control System (ICS), specifically how it handles parts that are entered on a Service Order, but not yet committed to the Service Order. The ICS now takes into account when displaying, ordering and requesting these items from the ICS. This will allow the tracking of non committed items across the entire system, and more accurately calculate the needs of your inventory.
2. Completely redesigned the Company Equipment Navigator, it a BIG improvement in functionality.
3. Widened the Request and Inventory Nav?s for better viewing.
4. Keyboard Shortcuts for Task Manager & SMS. Ctrl + T and Ctrl + S
5. Added new function allowing the reprinting of the selected Service Order from the Duplicate SO Sentry.
6. New Open Navigator for the quick entry or viewing of flat rate items. You can access this new navigator by double clicking on the Quick Add label from the Kit Assembler.
7. You can also add document link and view kit usage history.
8. The Transfer report now prints the bin location.

Until Next Time….