Version 3

Most of the work I have done in the last few weeks have been centered around bug resolution. The most significant ?issue? was related to the service & maintenance contract system. There was a flaw in the data structure of this system that would have eventually let to all manor of trouble, this of course was fixed.

Certain detail frames not remembering user?s adjustments.
Quick Shipment System ?Invalid use of Null error?.
Auto MA Schedule System not adding default time period on new contracts.
Inventory Movement Report failure to open and display correct records.
Inventory Picture Linking ?zero-length string? error.
Word Document not saving with correct name and location.

and various other small errors.

Estimator System:
Added the ability to duplicate an existing estimate for use in a new one. This should save a ton of time when creating multiple estimates that are very similar.

Services Navigator:
Created an indicator (Text on Estimator Button Turns Red) when a service has an estimate created on it.

Contract Navigator:
For those servicers that needed to have several schedules (time periods) for a given contract, along with the need to distinguish which equipment was to be serviced on a given schedule you can now link which equipment to be service for said schedule.

Task Manager:
In conjunction with the changes to the contract system, you will now see a couple of new fields.

?Linked? field displays the number of equipment that has been linked to the schedule period. Double clicking on the number will open the Assignment window. The left list box shows assigned equipment for the contract. The list box on the right displays linked equipment to the selected schedule. You can also link and un-link equipment here
?Schedule Notes? field displays any notes that pertain to the selected schedule. These notes also print on the service order.

The contract number field is now dynamic, displaying either the contract number, ?Contract Expired? or Contract Disabled?.

New check box ?Limit to Ready? allows the user to search for a customer and only display schedules that need attention.

New ?Reload? button allows you to reload the entire system without reopening the task manager.

Until Next Time?..