New & Improved Features (build 1.45)

Created a customer information tab group for quick access to information such as Quick History, Notes (Internal & External), Directions, Contracts, Links, and History. You can double click on an item to drill down for more detail on each of the tabs. When data is present, the icon on said tab(s) will display an ?I? icon.

Added ?Re-Print Selected SO? button on the Existing Service Sentry window.

Added the ?Refrig.? field to all appropriate windows dealing with customer?s equipment.

Redesigned the table structure and logic for the Estimator, Allowing the ?Kit? portion of the estimate to transfer to history, which can be viewed through the invoice navigator.

Expanded the Quick Change window to include more equipment information.

Added the ?Location Description? & ?Unit ID? fields to the Services Navigator.

Added the ?TimeReq.? field to the schedule task reminder.

Created various system checks as related to the Service Contract system.

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