New & Improved Features (build 1.54)

As you can see it?s been quit a while since my last post, but don?t let that fool you, I have been pounding away at this keyboard making ServiceXp even better.

Added a WIP tab to the Quick Customer Information tab group; When loading a customer, if there are any WIP?s, the newly created tab will get the focus, and the ?Start New WO? button caption will turn red. You can double click on any the WIP?s to be taken to the Service Navigator for further investigation.

Now Compatible with the MS MapPoint 2006

Quick Receive Printing logic has been revamped for better work flow.

Serialized items now print the serial number on the label.

New TANS option ?Priority?. When set to Urgent, and when linked to customer?s equipment, any time that equipment is to be serviced, (placed on a work order) a reminder box will open, alerting the user of the existing TANS, giving them the option of viewing or ignoring.

Created a more detailed service history report and unloaded the report to the External Report Engine.

Corrected the serial number field information not being passed to warranty detail information.

Corrected some Recall system problems.

Fixed the View Service report load error.

Fix Toolbar problem: If a user undocked and closed a toolbar the user could no longer get it back. Now the toolbars are re-created each time ServiceXp Pro opens.

Fix other miscellaneous errors.

I have done a lot of work on the new help file; I?m about ? of the way done now.

Until Next Time….

Report  rptCustomersEquipment2  vrd