New & Improved Features (build 1.65)

Man what a month + it has been. I don’t know about you but the end of the summer always seems to wear me out. On top of that, I get greeted with a major problem with my web site host. They migrated my site onto a new server, and well long-story-short things didn’t go quite as planed. I lost all communications via the domain for several days, and the site (this blog) went down hard. I was able to sort through the carnage that was left, and get this blog back up with most of the original content. The user forum did not fair so well, and everything was lost. It’s not a big deal as most users didn’t use it anyway.. I’m even thinking about taking it down, just have not decided yet.

Ok enough of that… On with the goodies…

New Commission Calculator
The system allows you to very quickly calculate the pay for your commission based employees. The system separates warranty and non-warranty commission rates, handles base hourly or salary pay in addition to the commission rate. You can view each work both for warranty and non-warranty, along with the work orders details on screen. In addition to the screen, you can also print out a commission report. This new system can be found under the Back Office menu item. Remember to set up your employees pay information before using this system.

Route Sheets
Improved format which includes the first 9 part number that are currently on the work order. This allows the tech. to quickly see what he or she needs for each job.

Inventory Location Work Sheet
This report now includes both the cost and retail price on the report.

Inventory Import/Update
When updating inventory from a vendor, the system now also changes the “last Price Change” date field to the update date.

Warranty’s EWC system
ServiceXp can now export claim information for Dacor’s consumption.

Help Movies
We are in the process of adding new and updated help movies. Thanks to Roy Mc Donnell for all his hard work. He has been hard at work scripting, developing and narrating the new set of movies.

Help File
I am making big dents in the never ending battle to have a fully working and complete help (F1) system by November. The quick object help system (F2) is also getting updated.

Fixes / Bugs
1.) Fixed problem some users where having when opening up the Flat Rate system for the very first time that would cause and error and not open.
2.) Fixed QuickBooks tax issue for 2002, 2003, 2006 versions. I’m not sure I have found the source of the problem with the 2004 version yet. (Many thanks to those who helped with testing on the old QB 2002 and 2003 versions.)
3.) Fixed the problem with the help file (F1) not loading on server/client installations.
4.) Fixed logic error (miss transaction type) in the AP Navigator.
5.) Fixed logic error (opening with the wrong details & displaying wrong deposited amount) in the View Payments system.
6.) Fixed logic error (not showing all document links) in customer tab bar.

and other small errors not worth mentioning.

Until Next Time…….