New & Improved Features (build 1.76)

Hope everyone is getting excited about the up coming holidays, time with family & friends. I am just about done with the first revision of the help file. Contact me either by e-mail or through the support forum, and I will send you a link to the most update version of the help file.

I will be starting on Version 4 very shortly, so now is the time to get in your wish list. You can contact me via e-mail or through the support forums “Wish List”. Version 4 will launch with the much requested graphical Schedule Navigator. It should follow the look and feel of MS Outlook. The features are yet to be decided (time to voice your request).

What’s new in this build

New multi work order print mechanism to the schedule navigator.

The button is the same, but there is a new window that opens giving you the option print all the work orders for a selected day and tech at once.

Connected Document Link when looking up Inventory Items.

Now anytime the part in used in the system, the link system will display the link window allowing you to view the linked item.

Created MA Proposal detail storage system.

There is now a storage system for maintenance/service contract pricing details. You can also print a proposal to be sent to the customer for the contract. The new system can be accessed from the Contract Navigator via the “Generate Proposal” button.

Changed the update system to call the http protocol to download updates.

You can access updates from the maintenance menu >> “Check for Program Updates” button. Upon finding a new update, ServiceXp will open a browser allowing you to download and update your current version.

Hooked the auto pricing option to flat rate details.

You can now opt flat rate line item details out of the auto-pricing system.

Added Customer CC Store system.

This CC store allows you to keep customers credit card information on hand. So when adding repair detail, and selecting the Credit Card as a payment type, the Credit Card Store will open and allow you to double click the card information directly to the work order.

The report used for service calls, also no indicates “CC Onfile” next to the Pre-Approved amount, when a CC is found for the customer.

You can access this system from the customer notes tab, between the External & Internal note fields. When there is a number on file, the button text will be red.

Quick Change added to the Service Type and Job Status fields. (Double Click Entry)

You can now open the “Quick Changes” window from the Service Type & Status Fields on the Schedule Navigator.

Added Quick comment system to estimator.

You can now double click inside the Estimate Notes and Disclaimer fields to use the quick comments window. This will allow you to quickly retrieve standard text directly to these fields.

Added the ability to choose which flat rate items you want to transfer to details.

You can now select which items you want to transfer from the flat rate details to the work order.

Added ARDS Kit Items Column control.

You now have column control over the flat rate detail frame on the ARDS.

Added marked items to transfer on MS Word Proposals.

When creating an estimate using the “Estimator” system, you can not select the items that you want to include in the estimate when using the flat rate estimate type.

Typically you will want to add the equipment that you have listed in the estimate details to the estimate. You can do this by checking the MRK check box and these items will transfer to the estimate print out.

Warranty’s EWC system
Export claim information file for ServicePower (KPI). (Not Tested)

Fixed error when trying to delete inter-office e-mail
Fixed error on replying to user in Instant Messaging System.
Corrected formatting problem with
Fixed failing Physical Inventory update status check.
Fixed EWC errors when no times have been entered on a warranty claim.
Fixed Services Navigator View Schedule error.
Fixed “Invalid Use of Null” error on Contract Navigator equipment assignment update

Until Next Time…..