New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 1.09)

It’s been a busy couple of weeks…..

1.) Added a bidirectional parts number check for the “Vendor Return” and “Warranty Navigator”.
There are technically 2 places returned parts can end up in the system. Previously if you had a part credit to reconcile that had no indication if it was a warranty related credit or a simple vendor return; it was necessary to check both systems manually. This of course was never satisfactory (I hate double entry of any kind), and so I finally changed it. Performing a search in either system, now checks both systems when one is not found in the other.

2) Added “Customer Duplication Sentry” to aid in preventing duplicated customer records.
It’s just a mater of time; sooner or later you will end up with duplicate customer entries. This new system should help prevent any duplicate records, providing the user is at least awake at the wheel.

3) Changed the system message box format.
More descriptive messages, with new MS Window Vista icon support. Only a small portion of the message boxes have been converted, but many more to come in the future.

4) Added the Schedule Manager.
A completely new Schedule Manager used to aid in staying on top of your work orders with enhanced scheduling capabilities. You can access the Schedule Manage using the keyboard commands SHIFT + F10 keys. You can also access it directly off the Graphic Scheduler, and Front Office menu item.

5) Rewrote the SMS system, now allows for read receipt returns.
This was also to fix some anomalies in the communication with some SMTP servers.

6) Graphic Schedule work order creation:
You can now first select (left click drag time frames) your schedule time, then right click “New Work Order menu and the system will automatically schedule the work order for the selected time frame for the selected technician.

7) Request Navigator bypass system.
Used to bypass the Request Nav. for most inventory sequences. So in smaller shops or in one man operations, all system requests for parts will move directly to the PO Manager. This would only be applicable to very small or one man operations. You can find the “InventoryRequestByPass” setting in “Operation Info” >> “Other Settings”

8) Direct PO detail access.
You can now directly edit and add part information in the PO Manager detail frame. Previously, you were locked in at the PO Manager level with the exception of Qty and Price changes. So if you needed to make a change or add a part at the time of ordering you were forced to make those changes at the Request Nav. level. I have long hated this, and now it is a thing of the past.

9) Added Find On Schedule method.
Used to load the Schedule Manager and find an event, when the system finds existing work order for the same customer when starting a new one. You will notice the new button “Find On Schedule” to the right of the “Re-Print Selected SO” button.

10) Added 4 new Graphic Schedule Status selections.
(“Needs Approval “ (light Purple) “In Research” (Orange) “Incomplete” (Pea Green) and “Other” (Hazel)

We have starting performing preliminary testing in the new Windows Vista OS. So far, so good. I hope to have the majority of the system checked and re-checked by next month. In the mean time, do NOT install ServiceXp Pro on a Vista machine..

Small, minor bug reported and repaired.

Until Next Time…..