New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 1.32)

Hope everyone is getting excited for summer, I know I am….

The last few weeks have been mostly spent on enhancements and bug resolutions. I’m also in the middle of getting a new web site up for ServiceXp, which I hope to have completed by the end of next month.

Enhancements (in no particular order)

1.) Synced Vendor Contacts button label to turn red on the presence of vendor contacts.
2.) Added Spell Check on Contact Customer system.
3.) Add new Graphic Schedule lock system. (As soon as a user selects and right clicks on “New Work Order” the selected time frame is immediately locked.)
4.) Add more search types for customer lookup systems.
5.) Add Spell Check option for Flat Rate and Estimator systems.
6.) Add Work Order type icon on Graphic Schedule events.
7.) Double clicking on the “Pre-Payment” amount field in the ARD system will display the payment details.
8.) Bolded and changed color for the Qty field on the Request Navigator.
9.) Added Markup override system that allows you to change the pricing on Estimates. Giving you the ability to calculate different pricing perspective.
10.) ARD method for allowing an account to be temporarily switched to Net Terms for a single work order.
11.) Redesigned the Graphic Schedule tool tips, more information is displayed.
12.) Added a user adjustable auto refresh system for the Graphic Scheduler.
13.) Added last refresh date & time to the Schedule Navigator window caption.
14.) Added “Contact Customer” to right click menu on Graphic Schedule.
15.) Vendor Returns allows for single Qty returns from multiply Qty line items.
16.) Vendor Returns allows for indirect work order ARD detail line return. In other words you can return part directly off a Work Order from the Vendor Return window.
17.) Added Zoning system. This allows you to specify zones for zip codes. These zones display both on the customer window caption and the Graphic Schedule event information. There is much more planed for this feature in the future.
18.) Synced customers e-mail label to turn red on the presence of a customer e-mail.
19.) Added right click menu item to change work orders master time from the Graphic Schedule.
20.) Added “Parts In Stock” sentry to the Quick Shipment Navigator.
21.) Added right click menu item to view work order ARD items.
22.) When a work order is set as a warranty service, ARD automatically zero’s out the price field now.
23.) Added double click method in Vendor field on the Quick Shipment Navigator to add new vendor.

Bugs Corrected:

1.) Error 2465 after deleting vendor.
2.) Error 13 when printing labels.
3.) “Date has changed” error when sending to QuickBooks.
4.) Null error on entry of Repair Times.
5.) Removed leading “;” from SMS address.
6.) Corrected multi-page printing of route sheets when a single route was selected.
7.) Corrected message box information on Inventory Sentry Check.
8.) Labor and Parts indicators getting reversed when in warranty ARD system.
9.) Error -2147220477 “Could not open specified data file in QuickBooks, when QuickBooks was not open and user tried to communicate. (Note: This is a QuickBooks error, that generally means that one did not give ServiceXp the permissions to automatically open a QuickBooks file. If this permission was indeed granted, the only way to resole the issue is to remove ServiceXp from QuickBooks Integrated application system and re-integrate.

10.) Graphic Scheduler not querying user whether to print a work order or not, but simply printing it.
11.) The complete warranty history details line items not displaying.
12.) Reverse lookup system not allows functioning.
13.) Back Scheduling causing Null error.
14.) When requesting parts for a work order from the Request Navigator, the corresponding work order status would not update.
15.) Add code to guard against users deleting (Null Entry) in qty and pricing fields in various places.
16.) Correctly credit memos getting duplicated.

Continuing to keep up with the help files, and completed a few new help movies which will be uploaded when the new site is up and running.

Well that’s it for now….

Until Next Time….