New Install Bugs Found in Version 4 (New build 1.67)

It’s been a while since my last update… sorry… ;-) There have been many enhancements since my last post, but my focus at the moment, are the two bugs found below. I will in a future post highlight those enhancements.

There have been several new users that have indicated 2 “startup type” problems. One I have found the problem and corrected it. The cause of the other is still eluding me.

1) The first problem was with the new Zoning system. When a database was first created, there were several fields that would not get created. This would cause an internal error that would end up not allowing for any creating of zips or zones..

2) The second problem has to do with the Graphic Schedule Schedules. For some reason when a new database is created (Using ServiceXp Pro for the first time), and employees are added, marked as road techs and checked to be on the schedule, will not show up.

This workaround seems to work.
1) Create, set up and identify your techs to display on calendar, as normal
2) Create a work order, and schedule it. (using old method, Not the new direct Graphic Schedule way)
3) Close ServiceXp Pro (All stations)
4) Navigate to the ServiceXp directory (C:\Program Files\ServiceXp), rename the “Calendar.mdb” file to “CalendarW.mdb”
5) Restart ServiceXp Pro. The system will now require you to find the tables for the Calendar.mdb database. Navigate to the CalendarW.mdb and double click.
6) Open up the Graphic Schedule navigator.
7) Close ServiceXp Pro (All stations)
8 ) Navigate to the ServiceXp directory, rename the “CalendarW.mdb” back to “Calendar.mdb
9) Restart ServiceXp Pro Again. The system will again require you to find the tables for the Calendar.mdb database. Navigate to the Calendar.mdb and double click.
10) Open the Graphic Schedule and that should force all the schedules and there events to correctly display.

Well that’s it for now….

Until Next Time….