New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 2.09)

User defined Work Order “Service Type”
Now you can add your own service types. No longer are you confined to the 6 service types provided by ServiceXp Pro. You cannot delete the existing 6 as they are needed for internal system features, but you can add as many additional ones as you like.

Work Order Service Type Sentry
Now there is an optional setting to force the user to select the proper Service Type for the work order being created. There has been a long standing problem with user data entry in respect to the Service Type. Because the system would default the service type automatically, work orders would not get assigned the correct Service Type when the call was initiated by the user.

Technician Productivity Eval…
Changed recordset to actual invoice information rather then time entry data. Found most managers more interested in the invoice information then the time data entries.

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New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 2.05)

Added the ability to convert mapped network drive paths to UNC paths. For the fastest operation in a multi-User environment, it’s best to create a mapped drive (on each workstation) to the server (computer that holds the data files) to link ServiceXp to the database. It would be natural from there to use this mapped drive (server) to save all created documents in.

However it does create a small problem with ServiceXp’s Document Link System, Merge function for MS Word, just about any function that relies on a specific directory structure . The problem is only seen if the “server” is also used as a workstation, or when using MS Terminal Services to work remotely on the server, the paths to the created documents (or links) by the other workstation will not work from the server. UNC (universal naming convention) paths fixes all that. So paths that look like “z:\ad_folder\sxpdata\reports” would now look like “\\adserver\ad_folder\sxpdata\reports\”

The setting is defaulted “Off”, so you will need to turn this function on to use it. From there you need to convert all your report paths to the new UNC Paths.

NOTE: It is not necessary to convert the QuickBooks Pro path, as this path is handled a little differently in ServiceXp Pro. If you do convert your QuickBooks Pro path you will need to open the QB company file in QB by navigating through “My Network Places” (Windows key & E), as the company paths in ServiceXp must match those in QuickBooks.

ServiceXp Pro will automatically (if setting is ON) create the UNC paths from the mapped network drive when you select the file or storage location. If you navigate to a local path, ServiceXp will NOT convert the path to UNC.

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New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 2.03)

How is everyones summer going…? If it’s like mine, it’s going fast…

Although it’s been a while, much work has been done.

1) Request Navigator
Double click method in the “On Order Qty” field now opens and displays the current orders for that part number. (Must have a On Order Qty greater then 0 . :-) )

2) Customer Merge System
It’s finally here, you can now merge most (90%) of the data from one billing customer to another, one service address to another, one billing address to another service address, and one service address to another billing address. This addresses the long standing problem when a billing address gets demoted (customer moves and rents out his house) and needs to become a service address, with a new billing address. It really got problematic when the current billing address had linked TANS,and or MA or Service Contracts, etc… it was a nightmare. Now in a couple of clicks your finished.

3) QuickBooks Pro
Option for sending the repair number to QuickBooks Pro in the memo field. It was brought to my attention that the QuickBooks Pro Deposit Summary has no way of displaying the repair number in the report. Since the report displays the contents of the memo field, we use that.

4) Sort Order Functions
Added right click sort order functions to a bunch of setup menus.

5) Reverse Search System (Located on the fourth tab on the Inventory Nav.)
a) Expanded the search function.
b) Added the Zoom and Print (double click Service Note Field) function.
c) Added double click access to the invoice in history for each record.

a) Added an “Out of Balance” sentry — This system makes sure your flat rate total is equal to your details total.
b) Added a system to merge kit information when building estimates. When building an estimate based from multiple kits, it is generally easier to combined the kits into one kit with one price. This facilitates that very easily.
c) Added double click Zoom for kit description fields.

a) Added a spell check to Zoom box
b) Added menu access to the Open Kit Nav
c) a ton of other lesser refinements.

Still working on the previous graphic schedule navigator bug. It’s becoming very elusive…
Other smaller bugs found and repaired.

Well that’s it for now….

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