New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 6.61)

Added Customer History right click function to Graphic Calendar

Added Customer Equipment right click function to Graphic Calendar

Added a session Search History system {under File Menu} or {Shift + F11}
As the name implies, records your search criteria, searched characters, system in which you performed the search, and the date & time the search was performed. You can refer back by double clicking on the historical record, and ServiceXp Pro will open the appropriate window and bring you directly back to the search from the past.

Window Resizing and Positioning systems
Now many of the windows are re-sizable, allowing those with screen resolutions higher then 1024 X 768 to enlarge the windows to gain more area. The system will not only retain your selected resizing dims, it will also retain the windows location.

New QB Connection Type Option
In settings you can now select how ServiceXp Pro will connect to QuickBooks. You have three choices.
1) “Launch QB UI” This will open up the QuickBooks User Interface, if not already open, and make a connection.
2) “Local QB {Hidden}” This will start up QuickBooks in hidden mode (no user interface) and make a connection.
3) “Remote Access” This requires that you have set up the remote QuickBooks Data Server and Client. This choice needs to be used if you require a desktop to communication with QuickBooks, but does not have QuickBooks installed.

Auto MA Details
Now when setting up an MA Service, (Task Manager) the system will automatically pass the required supplies needed to perform the service directly to the repair ticket. The items will not be committed from inventory but the system will nevertheless track them.

Detail Frame Type Conversion
I have replaced many of the older continuous type detail frames with data-sheet type detail frames. This allows for much greater flexibility and as a side note going to make way for great new features in Version 5 at the end of the year.. (Remember you can change many of the characteristics of the data-sheet detail frames to suite your needs.)

QuickBooks Version 7 Rollback
Unfortunately had to roll back the new QB engine to Version 5. There were a few people having big problem with the new engine, so until I sort out the problems with Intuit we are back to version 5…

Until Next Time


New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 6.41)

Added Notes and Unit fields to PO System

Added “Split” function to Shipment Navigator. Allows for quickly splitting an incoming PO line item to other locations.

Added Caption Information to Order Manager.

Added Request Parts right click function to Graphic Calendar.

Added System Notes for Event Schedule Deletion.

Upgraded the QuickBooks Pro Communication Engine to Version 7 (previously V5)

Added Google Maps to ServiceXp’s mapping engine.
Now everyone, provided you have an internet connection, can utilize Google’s powerful mapping system from within ServiceXp Pro.

Until Next Time…

New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 4.21)

Since getting in trouble for the absence of updated information on work performed, I’m think I’m going to post this one now…. :-)

Much time spent in preparation for the new version (5) in-between that prep. work….

1.) System Wide Quick Search Inventory Search
Added quick inventory item search, Double click in the part number field, find the item your looking for, then double click on it.
Note: It will not only transfer the inventory ID, but also the location.

2.) Repair Number Fields
Added more information for Repair Number fields, and updated other Repair Number fields to include this information.

Until Next Time


New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 4.10)

No I did not drop off the face of the earth, but I won’t blame you for thinking that. :-) Improvements in ServiceXp Pro have never stopped, and continue to move forward at an ever increasing speed.

Much of my focus has been on refining every area of ServiceXp, little tweaks here and there mostly in an effort to stream line processes even further.

Work on version 5 will begin very shortly, and with this version ServiceXp will be completely Windows Vista Compatible, not to mention some really cool new features..

Until Then