New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 6.91)

Now when double clicking on the detail field, you will be given a choice to open either the zoom system or the quick contract template.

Now when ServiceXp detects estimate details, the system will automatically moves to that tab.

New Work Order System.
Request Type for the Call Type Sentry can be selected by using the Enter Key.

New user selectable data sentry. This will allow you to turn off the data input Sentry. NOTE: Turning the sentry off, can leave your database full of holes and missing information if you are not very careful. The only field that is 100% required is the Last Name field. You can find this setting under the maintenance >> Program Settings >> Operational Info >> Other Settings >> “SysSkipWOValidation”

Inventory System
Added auto dropdown box for manufacture field for the Edit Window.

Added Photo functions to Inventory Edit Window.

When a photo is set for an item, the button font will turn red.

Window Startup
You can now select up to 4 windows to open automatically when ServiceXp Pro Starts up, you can find these settings under the maintenance >> windows startup menu item’s

Warranty Navigator
I have added the same field positioning system as in the other navigators. So now when you move and re-arrange the field, change the font, or color, the system will remember those choices.

Added a dropdown box for the Warranty Provide field, for easy access to the providers contact information.

Bugs and Such…
Corrected a problem with the split function, where the amount deducted from the wrong item in the list.

Corrected a problem when creating a proposal for a service address customer. The created document link would not display in the links details tab under the service address window.

Corrected other small bugs and errors.

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New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 6.75)

Estimate History Navigator
Completely new Estimate History Navigator. You can now view all estimates / quotes in one easy to read navigator.

Estimate Transfer System
With the new Estimate History Navigator, I have added a system to duplicate or transfer an estimate from one work order to another. The system works in any direction. You can duplicate previous estimates from past history, or between to current work orders, it can even go backwards (not sure why you would want to though.. :-) )

Internet Search System
Not sure what to really call this at the moment, but the system allows for model number and part lookup from the web. Currently only the Sears site is included, but other may follow at a later date.

Inventory Search

You can, from the Graphic Schedule, right click and select “view equipment and complaint”. If not already present enter the model number and click on the small button to the right. From there you will be directed to the Sears web site identifying (if found) all the breakdown information for that unit.

You can also select “Internet Lookup” from the Tech System and or Inventory Menus. When selecting Model for the search type, the drop down down box will fill with all the unit M#’s that you have service in the past. When selecting Part for the search type, the drop down box will fill with your inventory list.

New licensing & Support Structure

I am moving to a different licensing structure which will significantly reduce the cost of ServiceXp, especially for the smaller service shops. Currently licensing is company wide, and can be used simultaneously by any number of users. This new licensing structure will be ‘user’ based, and thus each user will need there own license. All current users will be required to upgrade there license key if upgrading to the latest service Patch (build 6.75).

With this change the upgrade and support options will also change, thus reducing the cost even further.
1) Currently there is a 30 DAY money back guarantee, which will end with all new purchases. The full ServiceXp Pro package can now be evaluated for 30 days, before purchase.

2) Currently there is a one year, full access support / upgrade structure in place. This will also end with all new purchases. The new license will only cover defect service packs and technical support for 30 days. (additional support can be purchased.) Current users who’s support block has not expired will not be effected by the new support structure. However any future support will require a new license key.

So BEFORE upgrading, please contact me with your full company name and current license key.

Until Next Time…


New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 6.63)

Inventory Nav. Qty On Order field double click
Now the Inventory Nav’s “Qty On Order” field has the same functionality that it does for the Request Nav. You can now double click in the field to open up the current PO information. The system automatically drills down to the parts details, but you can click on the “View PO” button to view the PO details.

Warranty Claim Nav Claim Notes
There is now a notation system for warranty claims. This allows you to make and recall information pertaining to the claim payment and processing life. When notes are found for a selected claim the button text will turn red.

Vendor Returns Tracking Number Field
I failed to mention on a previous update, there is now a Tracking Number field to enter the carriers shipment tracking number for parts returning to vendors.

Bugs Fixed
Found and fixed a bug in the same system, where on some machines the user would encounter an error when double clicking in the field. Fixed.

Found and fixed a bug in the field zoom system. When opening certain data sets, the code would error and leave the field empty.

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