New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 7.73)

The latest…..

Statement Navigator:
Completely rewrote the engine for the Statement Generation System. Among other enhancements, the system is MUCH faster now, and also allows for selected re-calculation without re-calculating the entire AR system.

Created Double Click method for customer last name to open AR Details

I have added the same field positioning system as in the other navigators. So now when you move and re-arrange the field, change the font, or color, the system will remember those choices.

AR Navigator:
Reconfigured the memo (credit / debit) handling system, in that now you can pick multiple memos to handle at once.

Added a new Refund system, that allows for both monetary refunds and part returned or both back into the system.

Quick POS:
New streamlined POS system.

PO Manager:
Added font color option for the labels in the gray box areas on the PO Manager. The setting can be found >> Maintenance >> Program Settings >> Operational Info. Tab >> Other Settings Tab >> “SysPOManagerFontColor”

Customer Windows:
Added Phone Ext fields for phone 1 and phone 4

Implemented a Shift + D key combination on the search button to automatically load the first listed customer in the search results.

Link System:
Added the ability to delete not only the link, but also the underlining document in one easy step.

ARD System:
Added a “Pull From Inventory” check box. The default is true (ticked) but whenever you don’t want an item that is normally handled by the ICS, you can now un-tick the box and the ICS will ignore it.

Core System:
Added system wide cursor positioning system. Options are Entire Field, Start of Field, or End of Field

Added Zip Codes to the import and export system. Please note the correct file structure for importation.

Advertising Sentry:
Added a completely new Advertising Sentry. This will force your office staff to answer the question “how did you find the number to call us today”. The system is turned off by default. You can turn it on or off any time by navigating to Program Settings >> Operation Info. Tab >> Other Settings Tab >> SysUseAdSentry.

Along with the basic ad information, the Sentry also records the user name of the data entry personal, the repair number (work order number), date recorded, etc. This information will help you better analyze where your customers are getting your number, the services that they are ordering, and what time of year they are placing those calls. You should also be able to derive total income from each of your ads (future report).

Internal Reports:
Add a new NARDA report ‘rptNARDA3’ which has new company info., part serial numbers, and warranty provider fields.

New Detailed Advertisement Log Report

Shipment Navigator:
Add resizing code to the Shipment Navigator,

Graphic Scheduler:
Added a History button to the View Customers Complaints window.

Added right click function ‘Tech. Contact Info.” This display the basic contact information for that tech.

Window Startup:
Added ‘New Work Order’ to Startup window choices

Corrected a few small / minor bugs…

Until Next Time…..