New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 8.55)

Doc. Link System:
2 step (name link and press button) direct document acquisition system. Now ServiceXp Pro can control the entire process of scanning documents into the Link system.

With use of a TWAIN compliant device ServiceXp Pro will:

1) Scan the document(s) (Automatic Document Feeders Supported)
2) Combine multiple documents in to a single .PDF or TIFF file. (also supports .bmp and .jpg single document formats)
3) Create the customers directory folder (the base default directory is “C:\Program Files\ServiceXP\Document Links” which can be change in Settings >> Operational Tab >> System Settings”) where the document(s) are going to be stored.
4) Name the document (the name you entered before acquiring the document)
5) Create and name the link in ServiceXp Pro.
6) Open the newly created document for your inspection.

RGB Color, Greyscale or Black/White options.
Selectable acquisition resolution.

PO Manager:
Changed the way Quick Orders are processed. Previously, all items showing in the “Un-Assigned” detail frame must be included in the quick order. This meant that if there were parts that you did not want to order with that vendor, you would have to either create a P&A order and collect the parts you did not want to order to that PO, or remove them from the manager all together.

Now the PO Manager will only apply “Marked” items on the quick order. This will allow you to create Quick Orders one right after the other, with much less hassle.

Vendor Returns:
When using the Vendor Return system from the Inventory Navigator, with a selected inventory item, the system will load the return window automatically.

Corrected misc. bugs that came in over the last couple of weeks.

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New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 8.03)

Customer Screens
1) Created Note Popup Option. You can now choose to have customer notes popup so as to grab the users attention.
2) Add resizing to Customer Note Popup.

Inventory – Reverse Search
1) Added resizing and position system to the results windows.

Search History (shift + F11)
1) Improved the Search History system to store the last 75 searches, and persists between sessions.
2) Also sorted the most recent searches to the top of the list box.

Rewrote the error handling system.

Advertising Sentry
1) Added a referral indicator to the Ad Navigator, which is used by the Ad Sentry. Whenever a users selects an ad that is indicated as a referral, the user will now be able to select the customer where the referral came from. This can be used for easly fulfilling special incentives that may be offered.

1) Added UNC path operator system to the image links.

Web Submission system
1) Improved the customer match logic.

Other misc. improvements that came in from users of the last few weeks..

Bugs Smashed…..
1) Found and fixed a registration bug. Some users, on a new install of the ServiceXp Pro demo evaluation would encounter a “limit reached” error, which would not allow them to move further…
2) Corrected a bug found in the rptNARDA3 report.
3) Corrected several bug in the Statement Navigator system.

Bugs still lurking….
Somewhere deep in the 650K lines of code, there is an programming error that does not properly close some object that is causing ServiceXp Pro not to cleanup behind itself. The result is under the process (Ctrl + Alt + Del) tab, you may find a “MSACCESS.EXE” process still running even though ServiceXp Pro is closed.

Until I find this very allusive mistake, if you have a problem backing up ServiceXp Pro’s datafiles, look and see if the above process is running when ServiceXp is shut down, If it is, right click on the “MSACCESS.EXE” process and “end task” it.

Until the next Time