New & Improved Features Version 4 (build 9.11)

Doc. Link System:
Twain scanning system will now remember the “Open Document After Scanning” and “Use Auto Document Feeder” selection

Fine tuned the scanning engine in a few areas.

Graphic Scheduler
Completely changed the date picker to allow for greater flexibility. (also making way for future features)
Added date scroll arrows to graphic calendar.
Added date to graphic calendar.
Added shadow backdrop to events.
Added “Previous Appointment” and Next “Appointment” to graphic calendar.

AWD System (Add Warranty Detail) system
Added the “Pull From Inventory” check box also found in the ARD. The default is true (ticked) but whenever you don’t want an item that is normally handled by the ICS, you can now un-tick the box and the ICS will ignore it.

Transfer / Duplicate Estimate System
Changed the default option from “Transfer” to “Duplicate”. This allows for a safer default…. :-)

Message Center
This was a very neglected system created several years ago that never really went anywhere. That’s history… The Message Center (Ctrl – M) has undergone a complete makeover both in look and function. Think of the Message Center as a call taker note pad. Simply a place where you can record information for a later time. Please feel free to make request on improvements. :-)

Other misc. small enhancements and bug fixes over the last few weeks…

Until the next time