Version 5 Release…

Wow what a busy summer, it just flew by, and before I knew it school was back in. Hope everyone had a good summer.

After much work and testing version 5 is ready for release. We have been testing Version 5 for about 2 months now, and think we have a very stable product. This is the largest “remodeling” of ServiceXp Pro since way back in Version 2, so for existing users this version may be a bit awkward at first, but you should get use to it pretty quickly.

Version 5 brings with it a new program engine, with this new engine the minimum OS requirements have changed. This version is only compatible with Windows XP (SP2 – SP3) and Vista (SP1).

Version 5 utilizes a new license key algorithm, therefore if you upgrade to Version 5, while still using version 4 you will trigger the LNUS( limited/no use sentry.) If you are using version 4 and would like to evaluate version 5 you must request a LNUS key BEFORE installing Version 5.

Version 5 comes with a higher price tag too, but even at 129.00 per user, ServiceXp is still a steal….:-)

The help file, the bane of my existing :-), is still being updated with the new Version 5 information.

Until Next Time
~ Robert