New & Improved Features Version 5 (build 6.02)

Here we go again, major work, for some major upgrades…

First things first….. I have had many e-mails about SXP Pro and the new Windows 7 OS.  There has been no testing done at this point, but I would image the same issues SXP Pro has in Vista exist in this version of Windows also.

 I have not move my development platform to an all Win 7 platform yet.  With that said, over the next 6-8 month that transition should be complete.  From that point on, all future versions of SXP Pro will no longer be tested on Windows XP machines.  100% of my development will be in Windows 7. At least that is the goal…

Ok; now for the new features…

Customer Manager: Adjustable Phone Type Captions:

Screen shot of phone fields

Screen shot of phone fields

With this build we now have adjustable phone type for the 4 phone positions. You will notice in the screen shot above, there are no longer phone type field captions..

Example List of Phone Types

Example List of Phone Types

You will notice that each of the 4 phone fields now have drop down box for selecting the phone type. The screen shot above is an example of possible entries.

Phone Type Settings 

This list can be found in settings under the Program Lists >> PhoneType Tabs.

When you first open this build, the system will update your database and auto-insert the phone type captions for all existing customers. Position 1 = Home; Position 2 = WK 1; Position 3 = WK 2 and Position 4 = Cell.  You will want to go into settings, and indicate your preference for the 4 phone positions,  1 through 4.  Once this is complete, when entering a phone number is the said position, the selected default phone type will automatically fill in.

The external report engine has also been updated with the new phone caption system. You will need to change the phone caption fields NAME property on the report to the following… The internal reports have NOT been updated with this new feature as of this post..

Billing Phones: (“Phone1Type”) (“Phone2Type”) (“Phone3Type”) (“Phone4Type”)
Service Phones: (“SAPT1″) (“SAPT2″) (“SAPT3″) (“SAPT4″)

Visual Report Designer

Visual Report Designer

Edit Inventory — ICS

  1.  Added bold indicator for inventory items that have been de-activated. Also add some code to warn against re-entry of an de-activated item.
  2. Added different report for an un-finalized physical inventory count.
  3. Better handling of part labeling and auto pricing.
  4. Added a method to perform a mass item delete from an inventory location (excludes the “Main” location) from the “Mass Transfer” system. (note:  You can only delete items with 0 Qty.)

Contract Maintenance — Task Manager

  1. Added a method to open and load a selected customer in the Customer Manager.
  2. Added a couple of search fields.
  3. Added auto charges added to MA Work Orders.

Graphic Scheduler

  1. Added a right click method to create an in place Contract Maintenance Work Order. (Same as when creating a normal Work Order, but with a listed contract)
  2. Corrected a long term bug in the Graphic Calendar (separate program used for technicians to view their schedule), where it would not correctly load the calendar.
  3. Added a “Time Critical” field to the external report engine.  This matches the graphic schedule property.

ARD –  Add Repair Detail

  1. Added 2 label boxes that show the total entered time.
  2. Added code logic to better handle automatic completion dates.
  3. Added code logic to handle when there is no equipment listed for service on a Work Order.
  4. Added Credit / Debit field and functions (Double Click in the field). To easy apply credit amounts to work order.
  5. Added “relaxed” credit card expiration date entry. Now the system will attempt (with-in reason) to automatically format your entry into a date. Example: you can now enter 410 or 0410 and the system will return 04/30/2010. (This is a system wide change for CC expiry dates)
  6. Added a method when entering a model number, the system will now look in your history and compare it with your Manufactures and Product lists, if it finds a  match will automatically enter the information (Mfg name and product type) for you.
  7. Added Sys. Notes field to the Repair History window (Repair History Button)

Advanced Payment — Service Navigator

  1. Added a sentry to guard against a situation that would occur if sending the payment to Quick Books Pro.  Quick Books Pro requires a “salesman” be associated with the payment (and invoice – sales receipt), but in SXP Pro, a work order may not be assigned when added a payment.  The system now warns of these situation before the payment information is entered.
  2. Added a 2nd “Duplicate” print option when tripping the duplicate printing warning, now allowing you to cancel the print job.

Contract Navigator

  1. Added better handling of historic contract history.
  2. Added direct contract linking on for expired contract to quickly view the contract details.

Other minor enhancements and bug fixes..

Until Next Time….