New & Improved Features Version 6 (build 0.56)

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Yep, almost 2 years since my last post. Well no time like the present to publicly announce a new version. See while I’ve “neglected” this blog, I have indeed been programming new features and bug correction all the while.

I started on version 6 in late August 2010, released to pre-beta in early April 2011 to a select group, and full beta testing at the end of August 2011. I’ve been moving 120 MPH, for a possible release date early 2012, however the beta team did such a great job, I believe we have a very stable version 6 now. Version 6 brings with it some significant structural data changes, with the ability to attach multiple equipment to be serviced to a single work order.

WARNING: Those who have a support package subscription, and want to upgrade (highly recommended) it’s necessary that you perform 2 tasks BEFORE updating.
1) Backup your main database files (sxpdbe.mdb and calendar.mdb)
2) Rename your settings.mdb database, (Example: settingsOLD.mdb)
3) ALL machines MUST be upgraded at the same time, not doing so will 100% guaranteed a corrupted database.
4) Keep in mind, once you have upgraded to Version 6, and opened SXP (This makes the structure changes), you can not revert back to a previous version.

1) Because there has been significant changes to the underlining data structures, it is necessary to update several (External) reports to accommodate this new data structure. I have, in most cases, created completely new reports definitions, which include the “V6″ nomenclature in the report name. In some cases you will need to make some customizations to your reports, as the equipment nomenclature information is no long printed separately. It’s now dynamically parsed and created into a single line (or double) string.

Example of Equipment Nomenclature String

This screen shows an example of how the equipment nomenclature string looks.

External (.vrd Reports) (all Internal Reports Should be Converted Internally)
a) Service Call
b) Time and Material Invoice
c) Flat Rate Invoice
d) Customers Equipment Report
e) Drop Ticket
f) Service Call Mini

Here are some screenshots

New Layout (New WO)

This is a screenshot of the New/Edit Work Order window with the new tab layout.

Equipment Tab (New WO)

This is where you attached equipment to the work order. You can, if the equipment exists, simply use the drop down box to select an item to attach. If you need to add a item that is not currently part of the customers list by either double clicking inside the field, or click on the “Add Equip.” button.

New Equipment Layout

This screen shows the new layout of the Customer Equipment manager. One of the changes that may go unnoticed (but not for long) is that you now MUST DOUBLE CLICK inside of the field for the desired item to attach it to the work order.

New Equipment Group Tab

This screen shows the new Equipment Grouping tab. This new system allows you to create Equipment Groups. If 2 or more items rely on each other for functionality, you can now group them as unit.
1) This enables you to take items that have different Model and Serial numbers and group them as a unit.
2) Double clicking the group name will automatically attach all assigned equipment to the work order. (If creating a new work order)

Equipment Group Assignment Window

This screen shows you how easy it is to create a group.

Equipment Group Completed

This screen shows a newly created group. If you only want to add a single item to the work order from the group simply double click on that item’s field.

Service Navigator Equipment Tab

This screen shows the new function of the equipment tab on the Service Navigator. It now displays all attached equipment.

New Quick Change Layout

New layout of the Quick Change system.

ARD New Layout

This screen shows the new layout for the Add Repair Detail (ARD) window.

ARD Job Kit Equipment Assignment

This screen shows how you can assign a work kit to specific equipment if desired.

ARD Warranty Part Equipment Assignment

This screen shows the new required field for warranty submissions. It is now necessary to assign the equipment to a given warranty item.

Some Other New Features:

Award Bonus System

Bonus System:
Can assign kit ID’s or Inventory ID’s for specific bonus awards.

Model Number Link System

Model (Serial for Future) Number Link System:
Allows for a global model number document/messaging link system. Just as is the case through-out SXP, you can now attached documents and messages to equipment model numbers in a general way. This was previously available but the scope limited it to a specif customers equipment link or TANS article. Now when entering a model number the system will notify the user in the event it finds a link. Currently the search algorithm uses the first 7 characters (left to right) of the model number to base it’s search on, however this can be changed in settings.

…. More to come….

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