New & Improved Features Version 5 (build 2.16)

The latest….

The version 5 updates to the help file are progressing, slowly but surely… You will notice the update program size has increased quite a bit (by almost 11 megs). The update now includes the latest version of the help file.

Customers Equipment Window
I was never really happy with the updates to this system. While tasks where much easier to accomplish, we lost some functionality. Well I re-wrote the entire system yet again. This time I’m much happier (not 100%) with the results. I was able to keep the same ease-of tasks, while gaining the functionality we had previously.

Schedule Navigator
I finally did it… I unloaded all of the older scheduler system from the Schedule Navigator. The old scheduler is now called the master schedule and can be loaded with the button found on the Schedule Navigator. You should rarely need to use it but since the database structure is tied around it, it needs to remain.

Unloading the master schedule from the navigator should also help speed up the opening of the window.

Customer Manager
Changed some of the nomenclature of the search types.

Inventory Add/ Edit Screen
Added window sizing.

Recall System
You can now add a recall tech to a work order without having to have the originating work order completed in the system.

Fixed numerous minor bugs (48).. I know kind of high… but in retrospect much lower then the Version 1.78 to 2.00… Upgrade :-)

One bug/observation to mention.. It was discovered that if you have your monitors dpi setting, set to anything other then 96dpi, you will not see the new field filter system drop down arrows. This is a known Microsoft bug, and there is not much that I can do about it at this time..

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