New & Improved Features Version 5 (build 2.48)

It’s been a while I know…. :-(

There have been several new builds since the last post, lots of new features and bug fixes.

ICS (Inventory Control System)
Improved replenish search speed. I’m ‘front loading’ some of the calculation in this process, so now you will see a bit of a delay after you hit the replenish button, but the post calculation are about 500% faster. This yielded an overall speed increase of about 300% in performing the task.

There has always been a break in logic when handling stock replenishment evaluations as it relates to Cross References. In the past, the ICS system would ignore the X-Ref system when it evaluated for stock replenishment. The end result went something like this: You could have a qty. of 4 of a superseded item and be at the reorder trigger point for the non-superseded item in the X-Ref relationship and the ICS would still request more of the non-superseded item. Furthermore the ICS would continue to request for reorder of a superseded item when the trigger point was reached. These situation are handled now, and should look something like this: When an item is evaluated for replenishment, the ICS will check that Item ID against the X-Ref. system. It will then evaluate all superseded items in the X-Ref relationship. If the ICS finds an item in this superseded relationship that has a qty > 0 it will perform some additional calculations based on the quantity of the superseded item with that of the item being evaluated for replenishment, and will only request replenishment for the needed difference.

Added a remaining stock indicator on the Inventory Pull Sheet. This will help perform easy spot checks of inventory quantities.

Added direct edit capabilities to the Current Order window found via the Review Orders button.

When searching for a Part ID (Inventory Navigator) and no match is found, the system will automatically search in the Other Part # field.

“Sort” added to the repair number field to the Request Nav, Order Manager & Receive Shipment to help group items needed for jobs.

Graphic Scheduler
Hopefully corrected some intermittent refresh and update problems.

MA / Contract System
Did a bunch of work to help prevent the renewing of a contract before all services have been rendered for the current contract. You can still renew the contract, but the system will suggest you create the MA service ticket first. This coupled with some additional code in the ARD (Add Repair Detail) system, will properly link the service against the correct contract date range.

New / Edit Work Order
Added POC (Point of Contact) and Contact P# fields.
Hooked Map Grid field, so now it will display the Map ID for the selected service address.

Customers Manager
Added a reverse link to the equipment window. Now when you return to the Customer Manager from the Equipment Manager the selected equipment (in the Equipment Manager) item will be selected on the Customers Equipment list.

Hopefully corrected a nasty little bug where in some cases you would end up with orphaned records. Records that have no information. .. If you see that you have been hit by this bug you should clean up those records. To do this simply go to Customers and hit the ALL button. Then load and delete any records that don’t have any customer information. The easiest way to clean up orphaned Service Address is to use the Transfer Customer system, Tic the SA table check box and open. There you will be able see and delete any records that are blank..

Added “Date Completed” to Recall window.
Added the capability to add a Recall when the previous work order has not be completed out in the system.
Corrected a few installation problems.

Many other little improvements and bug corrections.

Until Next Time…

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