New & Improved Features Version 5 (build 2.88)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!. I’m looking forward to 2009, and all the challenges it will bring.

There have been 3 minor releases since the last blog entry. I have been pressed for time to get in here and write at each release. For those with support packages, make sure you check for updates regularly.

Many enhancements / refinements through out ServiceXp Pro.

Top 10 Bug Fixes

1) Customer Equipment window caption not updating with the selected customer information on the New WO window. Fixed
2) Graphic Scheduler right click function “Start New WO” would not always work. Fixed
3) Parts On Order indicators scope has been change to show the order Qty. on the Main inventory Location. Fixed
4) ARD (Add Repair Detail) refresh problem on slower network or systems. Fixed
5) Last MA Service Tech information not printing on service ticket. Fixed
6) Turned off auto spell on “New Work Order”.
7) Improved communication logic between the XRef and ICS. Fixed
8 ) Work Order getting assigned “0000″ as the work order number.. Fixed — I Think…
9) When no equipment is selected for a work order, the system would not handle the service history section correctly. Fixed
10) Alert messages (From the Quick Msg. Center — Ctrl + M) not causing alert to display to the user. Fixed

Other minor bug fixes…

Until Next Time

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