New & Improved Features Version 5 (build 5.01)

ICS (Inventory Control System)
1) Added the ability to add part requests directly to an open PO.

2) Added an “Active” state to Inventory Items. When an Item only exists in the “Main” location, you now have the option to “hide” or to deactivate that item (qty must be 0). You will see the new check box in the Inventory Navigator Detail Frame.

3) Enhanced the Inventory Purge System. The system will now allow you to set an item to “in-active”. You can now also narrow down your purges to Equipment Type, Manufacture and Date.

4) Removed the XRef popup for the Request Navigator, and corrected a bug that would not fire the “Over Order Protection” system.

5) Quick Receive system now automatically tic’s the “Update Inventory” check box.

AR System
1) Added the automatic CC On File notification system to the AR payment receiving and MA Payment receiving windows.

2) A few minor corrections to the Statement Navigator. (Still working on a known calculation bug)

3) Compatibility with QuickBooks Pro 2009.

Schedule Navigator
1) When using custom schedule widths, you can now horizontally scroll an event to a non visible schedule.

2) Individual FE (Front End) user selectable calendar widths.

3) Equipment / Complaint window now utilizes the Age Finder system

1) All Systems now uses the improved customer support file and folder system. Any time you create a MS Word document the system will utilize the existing Document Link file and folder creation system. Folder creation would look something like this…

Root folder path as defined in settings (User choice; Default “C:\Program Files\ServiceXP\Document Links”) then Customers Last Name then Customers Account# EXAMPLE: “C:\Program Files\ServiceXP\Document Links\Gracie 054585″. This will make managing customer information much easier and more uniform throughout ServiceXp Pro.

2) New invoice (when using a Visual Reports) to .PDF file creator system and E-Mail Client. The E-Mail client is a basic E-Mailer that can be used for any communication to a customer. Copy of Communications are not stored in the database, however there is a copy made to a text file that is located with your datafiles.

E-Mail Client

3) Added “Help” under the Help Menu. (I have no idea why it was removed)

4) Added a “Feedback” system. Found under the “Help” menu. Used to communicate via E-Mail directly to me.

5) Added “Equipment Age Finder”. Found on the Equipment / Complaint window (left click Graphic Scheduler) and on the “Quick Change” windows. Currently only works with Whirlpool products. Will add more as requested.

6) Added a New Customer Navigator.

Customer Navigator

Miscellaneous bug fixes throughout the program.

Make sure you backup your datafile before installing. Also make sure everyone is logged out of ServiceXp Pro before opening build 5.5.01 as the system needs to update the tables in the database.

To those with active support plans, you will be receiving an e-mail shortly with upgrade information.

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