New & Improved Features Version 5 (build 5.71)

Ah, you thought I forgot about updating the blog did you,.. No way….:-) It’s been a very busy and productive summer. Lots’ and Lot’s of changes with-in ServiceXp Pro. Not to mention, having some technical issues with the blog that would not allow me to post… As you can still see we are have still some more issues with pictures… anyway….

The “User Feedback” system (under the help menu) has really been successful, so Keep the feedback coming…

WARNING: Make sure you backup your data files before Upgrading…

Noteworthy changes:

1) Completely redesigned backup system.
The system now incorporates a single file, zip compression format.
Options to backup additional files, and added the ability to upload the zip to a FTP server for “Off Site” storage.


2) New “Service Rate” system:
When setup properly, the system will now determine what the Service Charge should be based on the Manufacture and Product chosen to be worked on. The system consists of 1 new table (for storing Override Texts); a new field for both the Manufacture & Product Type tables called “Charge” (under Settings >> Program Lists >> Manufactures tab); and a new dropdown list on the New / Edit Work Order window.
The system will always choose the higher of the 2 amounts.
You can setup your override list (such as “Recall”; “Warranty”, etc..) under the “Complaint Codes” tab (next to the Manufactures tab) and clicking on the “Charge Text” button.
The field name that is used for External Visual Reports is “SCAmount”.

NOTE: The system does not currently enter this amount in the ARD system.

3) Customers Equipment Window:
Added some error control to prevent equipment deactivation when equipment is still listed on a contract.

4) Inventory Control System (ICS)
Improved Sentry control of part movements for historical records.
Changed the automatic sorting patterns for the “Transfer History” window.
Added field “Last Used” for “Qty Needed For MA Service” list box, located on the Inventory & Request Navigators.

Last Used

Changed the nomenclature of the Historical Graveyard information written to the Old and New location fields.
Added Pre & Post Qty counts to historical information for the Inventory Navigator transfer system.
Improved data collection method for recording inventory count changes.
Improved the Price calculation and printing system.

5) Task Manager:
Sentry to guard against creating Work Order on expired or disabled contracts.
Improved Work Order creation system.

6) Services Navigator:
Services Navigator now open with no records
Used to help speed up time window takes to open
Added a “Quick View” tab

Quick View

Enables very quick data access to several key customer areas.
Added additional fields for viewing and searching.

7) Add Repair Detail Window (ARD):
Added a Customer Credit notification and handling system.
If the customer has a credit on file, the system will, on the first ARD window, notify the user of such credits.

There is also a new report field “Credit” where the system will print any credits the customer may have on the Work Order.
Simply double click in the credit amount field and the system will automatically apply the credits to the work order.
The system will, upon work order completion, remove those credits from the customer’s account.
Now using the newer “Customer Equipment” window when changing the equipment on the work order.
When opening the ARD window, the system will now evaluate the date completed fields with the last date schedule and if different offer to set the Work Order completed date to the last schedule date.

8) Warranty Navigator:
Added Extended Contract number to the Warranty Processing Window.
Changed the error sentry to allow for incomplete equipment information.

9) Report Changes:
Added a “Duplicate” record sentry and field to the external Visual report system.
The user is now notified when a Work Order has been printed 2 or more times. This system will also prevent the ticket from being printed after the 5th time.
Added a “Items Needed” field.
Any item listed for a piece of equipment will now be sent to the field name “EquipNeeds” for printing on your work orders.

10) History Navigator:
Added the ability to change the equipment listed for the Work Order.

11) Quick Shipment:
When entering a Work Order number as the PO, the system will offer to add that number to “Repair Number” dropdown field.

12) PO Manager:
When changing the “Expected Date” on the Navigator, the system will automatically update the “Date Expected” for the items listed on the PO

Many other minor enhancements throughout the program.

Known Issues:
Vista users may not be able to use any of the external communication systems (e-mail,Feedback,Error Msg).

Unitl Next Time!


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