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Tech Notes (TANS) - designed to keep track of all problem repairs and their fixes on all manufacturer products that have been serviced in your shop. Also allowing these problems, symptoms, and fixes to be shared with all technicians.

Group Permissions - management setup for all elements of your program.

Security - User ID & Password Security Protection.

Security -  User Level password changes allowed.

Tools - Pop Up Calculator, Fahrenheit and Celsius calculator, Ohms Law Calculator, Integrated Credit Card Number Storage Validation System (Fully Encrypted).

Equipment Maintenance Tracking - Keep track of all your companies equipment and maintenance.

Pop-Up Calendar Picker - Enter dates in date fields quickly and easily, by double clicking on any date field.

Integrated Maintenance / Service Contract System - Control all your contract needs internally.

Warranty Navigator - Easily manage all of your warranty claims.

Check Writer - You can allow ServiceXp Pro to print your checks

Basic Accounts Payable Manager - Keep track of all Deposits, Refunds, Bills and Payments

Integration - Tight Integration with MS Word, MS Out-Look, and MS Access.

Equipment Switcher - You can transfer equipment for one customer to another.

Proper Case Manager - Allows you to change the input entry case method in various places in ServiceXp Pro. With the unique ability to handle case entries such as McDonald.

Tax Schedules (kits) - Create tax kits to cover any number of taxing authorities.

Repair Kits - Build Repair kits to automatically pull inventory parts and add those to completed Repairs.
Inter-Office E-Mail - Allows for basic inter-office E-Mail exchange.
Inter-Office Messaging - Allows for basic IM communication
Graphical Scheduler - Graphical system for schedule functions.
SXP Scheduler - Standalone Program for Viewing Schedules.


Repair Order Features:

Selection of Account Types, Individual or Commercial.

Auto Entry Feature for your Default City and State with Zip code entry

Unlimited Contact Phone Numbers and Extensions.

Tracks Customers Terms, Tax Exempt Status, and Tax ID Numbers.

Customer Comments - Handles unlimited pages with text formatting, and prints to screen, printer, and fax.

Track Purchase Order, Authorization, and Tracking Numbers.

Multiple Service Locations - with contact person, address, phone numbers, and comments.

Previously Serviced Customer Item - Quick pick list.

Each Item Serviced - has Individual Item Service History.

Quick Pick List for Selection & Tracking of Serviced Items, by Manufacturer & Product Type.

Tracks the Product Model Number, Description, Serial Number, Authorization Number, and Extended Service Contract Number, and much, much more.

Pre-approved Service Amount - on the Customer's Item to be serviced.

Customer Service Request - for Shop Repairs, Estimates, Service Calls, Installs, or Delivery.

Quick Pick List for Assigning Service Technicians.

Supports NARDA, NESDA, CEASA, and your Custom Service Center Tracking Number.

Repair Orders - print on Plain paper or Special Forms, (NARDA), etc.

The logged on user is the Service Writer by Default, or you may pick a different Service Writer from a list.

Automatic Repair Order Numbering System - The Repair Order Number becomes your Customer's Invoice number. One number to track through your system.

Automatic Customer Account Creation.

Service Navigator and Warranty Navigator - for Quick Finding of your Customer Repair Orders and Warranty Claims.

Service Call Scheduler - for Technicians, with scheduled Time Date of the call. Quick Viewing and Printing of your Service Technician's Route Sheets. Rescheduling of Service Calls, Un-scheduling, or Canceling Service Calls.

Equipment Switcher - You can transfer equipment for one customer to another.

Selling Dealer Tracking - by Dealer Number, Name, City and State.

Warranty Tracking - of the Service Items, Purchase Date, Date Received, Date Serviced, and Date of Estimated Repair. Automatic Provider/Manufacturer and Service Center Warranty Tracking with Intelligent Repair Order, Invoicing & Warranty Claim management.

Warranty Claims - Handles multiple Warranty Providers for a single warranty claim and automatically creates the warranty claim for each.

many, many more features

Services Navigator Features:

The Services Navigator uses Special Search Engines, allowing fast processing and lookups of all Repair Orders.

Call Customer Repair Status Screen - Allows instant up to date information to be displayed for Customers phone numbers, item being serviced, repair order number, parts requested, parts ordered, parts received, call approval status for estimates, customer and technician repair comments.

Call Customer Status Screen - User and Customer Comment Time Stamping, as well as No Answer Time Stamping, and much, much more.

Parts Requested Status Screen - for individual repair orders and store stock.

Repair Order Advanced Payments Feature.

Repair Order Editing and Call Back Processing.

Quick reassigning of Technicians to repair orders.

Automatic Customer Repair Item, Status Updating.

many, many more features

The Repair Bench:

Service Technician Repair Bench - allows quick lookups of technical notes, symptom and cure tracking, and parts cross-reference lookup. Service Notes and Quick Parts and Labor lookups and requesting, with auto invoice entry while working on repairs.

Parts & Labor Tracking - Parts & Labor Restocking & Scraping Functions.

Review of Repair Notes, Shop Notes, Customer Request and Comments.

Repair Order Editing and Call Back Processing.

Quick Lookup of Service Manual Information.

Support Features - Review Summary, and Previous Repair Notes.

Serial Creator -  Allows you to create a serial number for equipment that you build for customers.

many, many more features


Back Office Features: (Not a substitute for Good Accounting Software, such as QuickBooks Pro)

Daily Deposits - Create Deposits from daily entries, Track past deposits, Print Deposit Reports

Checkbook Maintenance.

Income & Expense Report.

Sales & Tax Reports - for all levels of Federal, State, City, State, Disposal, and other Types of Tax(s).

Auditing - of Checks, Cash Disbursements, Deposits, Repair Number Log, all inventory functions.

many, many more features


Physical Inventory Features:

Prepare Inventory Item Forms for tracking your inventory.

Enter Inventory Adjustments, and additions of your current inventory stock.

Commit your Physical Inventory to update the inventory on hand.

many, many more features

Basic Accounts Payable Features: (Not a substitute for Good Accounting Software, such as QuickBooks Pro)

Quick Bill Entry for Vendor Invoices, Adjustments and Credit Memos.

Bill Paying, and Check Writer.

Review Bills - Viewing of Vendor Invoice history, with detail.

many, many more features


Inventory Features:

Inventory Management - Adding, editing, ordering and deleting of Inventory Items by locations.

Serialized Inventory system (Part & Equipment)

Picture Linker- Add pictures of your inventory items

Fill Parts Request - Allows the filling or ordering of parts for the service technician's repair orders.

Request Parts - This feature allows the requesting of parts for over the counter sales, repair orders, and Inventory.

Review Returns to Vendors - This feature allows the tracking of all items returned to your Vendors.

Auto Inventory Reorder Feature.

RMA Manager.

Multiple Inventory Management - for Warehouse & Truck Stock. Your inventory manager has a Stock Transfer feature, allowing inventory to be transferred between all main and rolling stock locations.

Multiple Inventory Management - Graphing Inventory movement, and inventory levels.

Order Parts - Purchase Order Manager with Order Work Sheet and Order Comparison Shopping

Receive Shipment Manager. This feature allows the automatic invoicing of parts on a Repair Order. The automatic creation of Vendor Vouchers (Invoices) for payment and directing the number of parts being checked into your main inventory, or assigned to your repair orders waiting for parts.
Document Links -  Allow the attachment of documents with system wide user notification. (attach any computer file)
Inventory Grave Yard - Keep tight control of parts that are disposed of.
Labels - Print labels for inventory items. (including serialized label that include serial number)
X-Reference System - Full featured part reference system with system wide user notification.
Maintenance Needs - See at a glance you MA agreement inventory item requirements.

Reverse Search - Search for any number of combinations, Model # to find parts, or serial.  Parts to find Model #'s. Serial Numbers to Find Model# , or parts, or repair.  ect.
many, many more features


Accounts Receivable Features: (Not a substitute for Good Accounting Software, such as QuickBooks Pro)

Contact Customer - brings up the Call Customer Status Screen.

Customer Payments - for Cash, Credit Cards, Checks, Credits & Debit Memos, and Adjustments.

Call Customer Status Screen - User and Customer Comment Time Stamping, as well as No Answer Time Stamping, and much, much more.

Review Receivables - Invoices, Credit Memos, Debit Memos, Adjustments, and Payments for Current and Historical Information.

Quick Invoicing - for over the counter sales.

Warranty Navigator - for processing Warranty Claims. Tracking of current or historical Warranty Claims (NESDA, NARDA, etc.).

Inventory Returns to Vendors - Tracking of your Shop Returns or Credits Due on Parts.

Basic Customer's Statement & Aging - Basic Statements & Reports can be printed or viewed with this feature.

Supports Credit Memos and Adjustments.

Reconciliation of Warranty Claims.

QuickBooks Pro - Highly integrated with QuickBooks Pro 2002 and above
many, many more features


Maintenance Features:

Program Settings - here you can set ServiceXp Pro features, too numerous to list here

Vendors - This feature allows the quick entry of Vendors, Vendors Contacts, Warranty Providers and their Warranty Information.

Security - User group settings.
many, many more features