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Surprised at the price?


"Our primary goal was to create an affordable but powerful business management system for the masses."


"Powerful software doesn't have to be so expensive that it puts a company in the red. ServiceXp Pro proves this."


Don't be fooled by the low price, ServiceXp Pro is packed with very power features, not found in any other program at this price.









"I have been using ServiceXp since 3/03 starting with version 1.58

Now working with the newest version 4, ServiceXp Pro has come a long way.

What I need in a service program is ease of use.

I am a one man shop so many of the feature in ServiceXp Pro I do not use, but I think this makes ServiceXp Pro a great program where it can work for all sizes of shops.

For me when a customer calls in; getting to the customer file along with product and service history is important to me. And with ServiceXp Pro this can be done quickly while the customer is still on the phone. And if a service call is needed I have all the information so I don't have to ask the customer all the same questions each time they call in

Also if a part is needed I can check the inventory and quickly see the qty, price, locations and so much more for this part.

Robert has listen to many of my suggestion and put the better ones into ServiceXp Pro to help me run my business.

If you are looking for a new service management software give ServiceXp Pro a look."


Appliance Doctor


"...From what I have seen of the program so far I am impressed.."


D&P Appliance repair

"...This is a great thing to do giving away your time. I will always remember you for this..."


Hattan's Appliance Service

".. looks like its going to be a great program. I'm excited. thank you much!!!.."


Stout's Appliance Service Co.

"...Its a nice thing you are doing Robert..."


Appliance Repair Service

"Robert I cant thank you enough. I got the instructions and read them carefully. Saw where my mistake was. Got on and I am taking my time setting the rest of it up. You have no idea how much this is going to help me..."


Maximum Cooling And Heating Company

"This is really cool of you to be doing. I've been looking for something like this to help with my books and accountability issues! Thanks!"


CAT Service

"...Looks very good.."



"...We run a pretty big operation in Alabama and we liked the features you offered allot."


D and J Appliance Repair

"...Ran the basic of your program. I loved it. I am starting a small computer service company..."

"...My partners and I, agree that software pound for pound is still the best fit for us..."


Techs R Us

"...First I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful software you have made for the service industry..."


Westend Electronic Services

"...Still getting the hang of Service XP, it is a hell of a product..."


HVAC Service Co.

"First of all... this is NOT SolutionGuy... this is SolutionGuy's wife, Cheri. I've taken all these posts and suggestions regarding our business management software very seriously. It truly is essential to the smooth operation of our business to have the right software in place. I've checked out many of the links you guys have referenced, and have done significant research over the past week. All my efforts and searching have lead me to the same conclusion... ServiceXp is absolutely the best choice for our company. I am slowly overcoming my learning curve and starting to realize that, not only will ServiceXp handle every aspect of our growing new company, but the technical support is outstanding! Robert Gracie is absolutely professional and committed to his product. At this point, I would not think of using any other software program. Thanks for all the good suggestions... It really helped to have a basis of comparison to make an educated decision."


Champion Appliance

Just a word or two about ServiceXp Pro. The system he has is a very easy one to use, since I am older and slower than Robert, he has done a good job of getting a system that is easy to work with and not hard to understand. Changing from all paper based system to a computer base system was very scary for me, I knew nothing about computers, but it has worked out fine. Also this isn't the first computer system we have used, but by far the best for me. I don't use all the uses the system will do, but having it has helped me get a better picture of what my business is doing and has made it much easier to run.


Gracie Appliance Heating & Air Conditioning.

Wow, what can I say this program is Very powerful... Thanks for all your support.


Network Services

"Great, what a great program!.."


Friendly Appliance

".. Nice Software.."


Great Lakes Pump & Supply Company

"Hi Robert;

First... WOW!!! What a fantastic program you've created and your overwhelming generosity to give out your program for us to try.

Second... Did I mention WOW! I've been looking at a few other 'commercially' available programs of the same format that are either ridiculously expensive or are glorified spreadsheet overlays.

I have only setup the program right now but can already tell what a wonderful program this is by just peeking around a bit. I have been looking for a (service) related program for this new business venture I've started. I've looked at the big time versions and the simple spreadsheet models and have to say, from what I've seen so far, your program truly stands right up there with the top players.

What seems surprising to me somewhat is that this much program is rarely ever seen in a "Version 1" program. Your system is matching systems from others that are up in the double-digits versions. Kudos to you.

Like I mentioned, I've started a business which is in the security and fire alarm installation field and trying to get this thing off the ground... well, actually I'm running really fast with arms outstretched and bounding into the air on occasion... :)

I have to tell you that while looking around for different programs and receiving sales calls from these companies with $$$$ thousand dollar price tags for their software, I about fell off my chair. How's a single person startup company suppose to afford programs like that? AND, on top of that, they want you to pay $$$ hundreds for semi-annual support & even more for minor upgrades.

Whew!!! So, I continued my search for a web-based company who wasn't trying to plunder their users and found your system... by accident actually. I had been looking through 'CNet.com' download site and stumbled across the Tucows site which mentioned yours. A quick search through Google brought me here directly..."


Envirotronix, Inc.

"...Thank you so much for creating this program. I've been checking it out for a few days and I'm loving it. You put so much work into it..."


JSE Computer Service

"...Thanks for making such a useful program..."


American Turf Solutions

"I have down loaded your software from tucows and given it a quick look. Very impressive! My company does automatic and manual door repairs so I'm going to be changing a lot of the data..."


Commercial Door Company

"...I have downloaded serviceXp and have spent 3 days setting it up. I must admit you've done a great job... Thank You"


Queensland Breathing Systems

"...You have done a great job.."


Fire & Ice Heating & Cooling

"...Thank you, what a great program..."


Ashley Heating & Air Conditioning

"...Thank you for such a wonderful software package..."


Plexnet Communications, Inc.

"...awesome software!!! this will be very useful to me..."


Advance Contracting

"..the software looks great you have a lot of features and i am looking
forward to the next release... and new
features.. thank you again. and keep up the great work..."


B&D Professional Appliance Repair

"...Thank so much for all your help. This is a great program..."


J's A/C, Heating & Refrigeration Service

"...Thank you for this tremendous work..."


A&M Sak's Appliance